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About the project

GIST Risk calculator

The GIST Risk calculator provides the estimated risk for GIST recurrence within the first 10 years since surgery for a localized, operable GIST. The risks are estimations based on pooled population-based series [1]. The risk tables also provide risk estimations. The source data are historical, and may not apply directly to present circumstances.


1. Joensuu H, Vehtari A, et al. Risk of recurrence of gastrointestinal stromal tumour after surgery: an analysis of pooled population-based cohorts. Lancet Oncology 2012; 13: 265–74

reGISTer is a clinical registry which monitors epidemiology, treatment and treatment results of patients with gastro-intestinal stromal tumours (GIST) in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The basic inclusion criterion is a verified diagnosis of gastro-intestinal stromal tumour, not the application of a specific drug. Therefore, patients treated with all available treatment modalities (surgery, pharmacotherapy) are followed up in the registry.

Primary aims

  • Collection of epidemiology data on GIST incidence in the population of Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • Detailed results of clinical and histopathological diagnostics, particularly immunophenotype and genotype profile
  • Assessment of GIST patients treatment (surgery, targeted therapy)

Secondary aims

  • Analysis of patients' survival in relation to clinical factors observed
  • Assessment of patients' response to treatment


The project was prepared in cooperation with the coordinating investigators from health centres experienced in diagnosis and treatment of GIST. The project is focused on both retrospective (patients diagnosed between 1.1.2000 and the registry initiation in 2006) and prospective (patients diagnosed after registry initiation) collection of clinical data. Only prospective patients have currently been entered in the registry.